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Entrepreneurship Goes International – Nothing Can Stop It



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“In 2013, 40 million smart phones were sold in India. In the first three quarters of 2014, over 70 million were sold.
Next year, it will be well over 100 million.”
– – – Gary North
From the article: “Google has kicked off an expansion of the rollout of Android One, with the aim of taking the stock Android devices to most emerging markets across the Asia Pacific region.
Following its launch in India this September, the Android One program will now move to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, adding another 200 million potential Android One users to the billion-plus in India.
Android One is Google’s attempt to improve the Android experience on sub-$100 smartphones, the handsets that some analysts believe will define the future of mobility.”
What does this mean for you?  It means that there is a gigantic market emerging that will want apps.  They will want ideas.  They will want games.  They will want education and access to knowledge.  Who will provide it?  Who will teach literacy or English?  Khan Academy has the math under control – but there are markets everywhere for content on the device – be it a smartphone or a computer.
This is more useful to you than much of what you get in your school today.  The foundation of taxpayer funded compulsory schooling is crumbling.  The WWW is only about 10 years old in its current form.
Get in on the ground floor.

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