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How to Spot a Bad, if not Brainless, ‘Argument’



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Adam Carolla recently explained in an interview that he considers himself a conservative.  He talked about wanting the people getting free breakfast in school to realize the principle behind such things, that the USA was founded not on taking money from others to give to someone else, but on working for what you have and being able to keep it.

He was pretty clear on what he meant, and it wasn’t that difficult to understand his premise of letting the children know that there are principles involved with daily life.

A commentator on The Young Turks took offense to this.  She ‘argues’ his points.  What is fascinating to watch is how she doesn’t address his points on the whole, and when she does she uses snark, ad hominem attacks, straw man arguments and ignorance to refute what Mr. Carolla said.

I am not the only one to notice this.  I first noticed it during the 08 presidential campaign when Ron Paul would be maligned because of his views – not with logic and reasoning and evidence, but emotion and eye rolling.  Rachel Maddow is the queen bee of this tactic, but the woman in this video seems to be gunning for second place in this field.  Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radiocompletely destroys this woman’s ‘arguments’.  I can’t just type the word arguments because she doesn’t make any, as Molyneaux shows you here.

It is a complete intellectual dismantling, and it should move you further away from picking a political ‘side’, as well as anything associated with leftism.


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