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JFK killed – 50 Years Ago – Watch the MSM Continue to Push the Absurd ‘Official Story’



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It’s really amazing to watch.
Despite the fact that the web is up and running and information is easily available, the Mainstream Media is pushing the idea that the “official story” perpetrated by the Warren Commission is not only legitimate, but not to be questioned.  JFK’s killing is treated by the Establishment in one of two ways: 1) anyone who questions the official story is a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and a ‘kook’ or 2) ignore anything else other than the ‘lone gunman’ Warren Commission story.There is even a story on how the magic bullet theory, now that we have modern scientific techniques, has been proven true.

There is a story that the sound recording, which has more than 3 shots fired recorded on the audio, was recorded at the wrong time.

The fact that no sniper has been able to replicate Oswald’s act is ignored.

The fact that the secret service was pulled off of the limousine before the turn to Dealey Plaza is ignored.

The fact that a fingerprint of LBJ’s top assassin was found in the ‘sniper’s nest’ in the book depository is ignored.

The roster of the Warren Commission is never analyzed.

PBS Frontline, which should know better, has dedicated its site to “Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?”, a not so deft way to ignore any other possibility and focus attention in the wrong place.

CNN feels that the only relevant question that any ‘conspiracy theorist’ (the horror!) might have is about Oswald’s activity in Mexico.

NBC has a web of interviews to handle the conspiracy section of their page – my favorite is with Dan Rather, who lied about what he saw on the Zapruder film.  The film was in storage and kept from the public for 12 years by Time Life inc.  Rather said it showed Kennedy’s head falling violently forward.  Now we know this to be brazenly untrue.  Rather’s sentence for lying?  A job in the MSM for life.

As usual, one must go to the real investigative journalists in alternative media for any critical thought or questions with insight.  The absurd freak show that is the MSM is reaching a fever pitch.  I guess it’s a good thing that they are clinging to the Official Story, as it not only tips their hand as corporate toadies, it hastens their demise.  Their reliance on fakery, half truths, ad hominem and incredulity has run its course.


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