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Detroit is Bankrupt and the MSM Cannot Handle It



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The largest municipal bankruptcy case in American history just happened.  The City of Detroit is bankrupt.  Eventually, facts and math catch up to the happy, statist, government public school drivel that is peddled today.  If you spend more than you take in, constantly tax the population, make promises of free stuff to parasites so they will vote for you – the working person and solid citizen will leave.  Normal people will take only so much before they’ll say enough – even in today’s America, which is addled by idiotic TV shows and prescription drugs.

The interesting thing in all of this is the Mainstream Media reaction.  Detroit is a city totally controlled by the Democratic party.  As the Mainstream Denialist press is not allowed to criticize Democrats, the blame came is particularly fascinating.  Jim Goad nails it here:

“MSNBC’s Liberal Denial Machine is blaming Republicans for the city’s downfall, despite the fact that Detroit hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1962 and there has been only one Republican on the Detroit City Council during the last four decades. Still, despite such uncomfortable facts, Melissa Harris-Perry blamed the city’s woes on small government and “what Republicans would impose on us.” The jowly sack of flatulence known as Ed Schultz blamed Detroit’s decline on “a lot of Republican policies.”

Goad goes a little far by pinning much of the blame on demographics.  I think he’s somewhat off base with that, but his grasp of how implausible and downright stupid the Dead Tree Media is is perfect.  I have the same thing in my district.  Where I work there are almost no white folks left, so ‘white flight’, an easy and sloppy concept to blame for the downfall of the schools can’t be used.  Now it is ‘bright flight’ that is often blamed – although one of the higher ups stated last year that he was ‘tired’ of hearing it and it was no longer a problem.  This is wholly false, as our bright and well meaning families are running for the border, but facts are simply not to be considered.

Fred Reed explains why the Legacy Media is so out of touch, in an aptly named piece called “MicroBrew Journalism”:

“But they (the MSM) have never worked night shift in a gas station on a lonely road in Tennessee, shopped at Walmart, been in the same room with a firearm much less hunted deer, or been more than twenty feet from a flush toilet. – – The dinosaur media lose out to the internet because they not only don´t want to but can´t deal with things that most stir the populace: race, wars, guns, abortion, separation of church and state, evolution, immigration. The velvet noose of political correctness ensures that only Appropriate Thought can be published. Those who deviate will be fired.”

Only in a country where the educational system is imploding (see here for proof) could such idiotic nonsense actually pass muster and see the light of day.  I guess we’re at the point where mainstream outlets are so hamstrung by political correctness and the mandate from their corporate overlords that they keep the American Masses sniping at each other that material like this comes out of a once proud fourth estate.  The Trayvon Martin tragedy is exhibit A, as they worked overtime to start a race war.  Too bad the MSM narrative was so far removed from reality (look at the trial transcripts vs. what the Media told you) that my feeling is that if it were 1993 instead of 2013 it would have worked:


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