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Lew Rockwell, in one of the many podcasts on his site, asked one of his guests if he sensed that “the propaganda was getting stupider?”  I think it is.  It is also getting more overt and frightening.  The apologia for The State seems to be reaching a fever pitch, with all the ‘gun violence’ rhetoric from the corporate controlled Mainstream Media (notice the framing of the issue), and the constant psychological pressure with regard to the need for the American Government to travel around the world and ‘solve’ every problem (North Korea, Kony, Libya, et al) by using its military.

The latest salvo intended to condition the Bewildered Herd comes from Stalinist Newsreader Melissa Harris-Perry, a professor at Tulane (!) and an MSNBC hostess.  According to Mrs. Perry, your children do not belong to you.

We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. Once it’s everyone’s responsibility, and not just the household’s, then we start making better investments.”  

Let’s analyze this.
1) It is logically false.  Since the time of Aristotle and Thucydides, the Tragedy of the Commons has been a way to explain the devolving and disrespect toward ‘public’ material.  If our children are ‘everyone’s responsibility’, then they are no one’s responsibility, and will become borderline feral.  Furthermore, if my children break something or steal, will I get the bill, or will it be sent to ‘everyone’?

2) It is sloppy with pronouns.  Who are ‘we’?  “We” is used by statists and propagandists as a way to achieve buy in, as if one were pitching a product.  Specifically, who are ‘we’?  Does Mrs. Perry’s daughter belong to her, or should she be released to the community?  Is she willing to give up her daughter to the group?  If not, why not?  Perhaps she should follow Jean-Jacques Rousseau, put her money where her mouth is, and give ALL of her children to The State.

3) It is hypocritical.  The State controlled Education Edifice, along with its rubber stamp media, have driven a once proud and rigorous Public Education system into the ground.  Now they seem to have all of the solutions, from the laughably byzantine ‘common core state standards’, to having your children raised by the community.  I am constantly amazed that the architects of the destruction of American Education are given credence by anyone at all.

4) It is bad propaganda.  Notice how the ‘private’ idea needs to be broken through.  “We” must get past this.  How much more clumsy could the wording be?  What is a ‘private’ idea?  Is this some sort of salvo against private property?  One’s own body is his private property – this is an idea to devalue?  The Statists of the Organized Left have tried this, and it led to scores of millions of body bags during the 20th century.  Perhaps Prof. Harris-Perry needs to re-read Orwell’s Animal Farm.  The use of the word ‘private’ as a pejorative is hardly befitting a professor, nor would it be accepted in a 7th grade debate without further clarification.

This is outrageous, and it shows the Statist mentality about how everything in your life should be controlled, including raising your children.  MSNBC, in pushing this, shows its true colors.


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