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The Writing Section – error ID



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The sentence error ID section usually asks the test taker to be able to ID these kinds of errors:

  • Subject / verb agreement
  • Parts of Speech:
  • pronoun / antecedent agreement
  • pronouns: nominative, objective, possessive (case)
  • parallelism
  • faulty / balanced comparisons
  • adverb / adverb usage
  • verb tenses (perfect tenses especially)
  • compound sentences
  • redundancy
  • misplaced modifiers

These are the basic types of errors you will have to try to locate and identify in this type of problem:

  • The union insistedA on an increase in theirB members’C starting pay, and threatened to call a strike if the company refused toD meet the demand. No errorE.

Notice how “The union” is used as the subject, and then the pronoun ‘their’ is used later in the sentence.  This typical pronoun / antecedent mixup is par for the course.  A ‘union‘ is seen as a group of people, hence the test writers’ belief that you’ll be thrown off the scent and not notice that the singular subject ‘union’ is inappropriately connected to the plural pronoun ‘their’.  Once you are familiar with this kind of trick, you will notice this type of question right away, and you can then carefully choose ‘B’ and go on with the section.


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